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Our Seeds, Our Roots

Greenstem Enterprises Inc, formerly Greenstem Productions, was established in 1991 to produce films, which touch thoughts and feelings within an audience. Giving opportunities for new and independent writers and directors with the chance to make their films, is also the goal of the company. The company has stayed true to finding that talent with the screenplays and their writers. The one belief that the company stands by is the tradition of learning from the very best professional talent behind the scenes. Placing productions with new talent and highly experienced pros to create the best possible production value. Greenstem melds the ideas and goals of filmmakers with Oscar®, Emmy® and Grammy® winners and nominees in all aspects of filmmaking.


Budgeting / Scheduling

After you finish your script now you want to get it made.  How much does my film cost to make?

We can do a professional budget for your script.  But you will also get a first run of a shooting schedule for your script.  It’s important for the schedule to be done in order to do a correct budget.  This schedule will also provide you with reports Day Out of Days for Casting, Equipment, Locations, Vehicles, etc.

Script Analysis

This service is provide by our team of experts if different areas of writing & production.We can help you with a general report on areas that you need to look at within your script that our experts feel may need more work or refinement. Private rewriting consulting is available with our Creative Producers.


Even though Greenstem Enterprises, Inc. produces our slate of features and television.  We are open to helping you produce your project based on financing being in place with your project.  We can provide crew, talent, vendors and distribution contacts along with supervision.  Fees are set based on production budget.


Grant consulting services are at consultation basis and may include one or more of the following services:

Grants coaching (if someone is writing the grant and would need ongoing assistance during the process, I can provide coaching services throughout the entire process) In-service training of the client's staff Editing existing or new grant applications for submission Working with staff and administrators to establish any online protocols and provide advice on submitting grants through Grants.gov, FASTLANE, or e-grants portals, etc.

Grants research, grant writing and development services are on consultation basis.

 They generally include the following:

  • Researching grant opportunities and providing a brief summary for each one based on the client's priorities. I prefer to start with 10-20 hours of research to find what is out there.
  • Grant program development and grant writing for individual projects. Travel and expenses are billed separately. Sometimes I travel with the client to meet with a Program Officer in Washington, D.C., such as National Science Foundation (but that is rare). The Program Officers for NSF like to give you feedback on your initial proposal, but in this case it might be best done over the phone if we scheduled a conference call.  Most federal Program Officers will not share anything with you once the application is released to prevent bias.

For each individual grant, we can quote a Scope of Work with time and cost. The typical amount of time on grants is generally:

  • 10-20 hours for private/corporate foundations
  • Approximately 50-60 hours for state grants (unless the grant is a federal money pass through and has federal requirements which needs more time to comply)
  • Approximately 80-120 hours for federal applications (in almost all cases, federal grants require partnerships with other organizations).

Web Design Services

  • 5-7 page WordPress based mobile compatible website - $600
  • 5-7 page OpenCart based Shopping Cart  website - $1000

Actual price would depend on what is the final requirement and a quote delivered to you.


We are always excited to hear from fellow filmmakers. Or hey?! if you have a question and your not in the industry, we are here to help.

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